We work with our clients to help them manage and overcome mental and emotional issues as well as build on their resilience and coping skills.
Our session help you work through concerns, gain perspective, identify sources of stress and understand behaviour patterns and emotions.
All clients are welcome at Counselling For The Valley with all background and different challenges ranging from:


Ageing can trigger many issues, working through these concerns can help identify problems and give support.


Can explore their feelings, beliefs and behaviours and work through challenging times.


Helps deepen understanding of each other and work through issues together.

Teens & Children

Can help boost their self-esteem and work through any social issues, or school/ work issues and help build their resilience and coping skills.

Mental Health

Can help gain a better understanding of their feelings as well as the thought process and assist in working through their anxiety and depression.

Disabilities & Behaviour Issues

Can offer practical tool and strategies to help overcome challenges and look at things from a different perspective this helps clients identify and acquire skills they can transfer into everyday life, teaching them techniques to help manage behaviour.

We provide our clients with a private, quiet and safe environment which is non-judgemental. We like to ensure our clients are comfortable and we are happy to meet elsewhere for sessions if that would suit you more.

Meet our Therapist

Tara Mansfield

Tara Mansfield MACA

With over 13 years experience in counselling and welfare.
Registered with the Australian Counselling Association.
Tara has degrees in:
Counselling, Mental Health, Disabilities, Behaviour issues,
AOD and, Community Services­ specialising in Youth and Welfare.


  • Disability Counselling
  • Behaviour Therapy + NDIS Reports
  • CBT
  • Age Care Counselling
  • Teen Therapy & Youth Mentorship
  • Mental Health Support
  • Counselling for Grief and Loss, Anger Management, Trauma and PTSD
  • Advocating with other Services
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